Larry Kelso

On Track With Bro. Larry

     Before we think of Lent as just the season of ashes – a 40-day “moan and groan” and “woe-is-me” session, look at the next image the church offers to people at this time of year.

    On Wednesday the leaves from last year's Palm Sunday palms are reduced to cold gray ashes. 

    On Sunday we’ll hear about the arrival of a living, soaring dove of Spirit, slipping out of heaven and into our world. 

    On Wednesday the church proclaims a 40-day period of solemnity and fasting.

    On Sunday Jesus proclaims, “the kingdom of God has come near.”

    On Wednesday we are marked with the ashes of our finitude and mortality.

    On Sunday we’ll see the promise of eternal life as Jesus rises up out of the baptismal waters.

 Grace and peace – Bro. Larry